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PARA BY-LAWS : 2012 - 2014

Reviewed and Amended by PARA's BOD on Dec 6th 2012
First Reviewed by PARA's Members on Jan 17th 2013
Final Review by PARA's Members on Feb. 21st 2013
Final Adoption by PARA's BOD on Mar 27th 2013


The name of this organization is the [ Porterville Area Republican Assembly ], a chartered unit of the California Republican Assembly, a non-profit California Corporation, herein referred to as "CRA".


The powers of this organization shall be the direct, manage, supervise, and control its business, property and funds to carry out its objectives.


The purpose and objectives for which this organization is formed are :

SECTION 1. To develop an intelligent, aggressive and serviceable Republican organization within the area specified in ARTCLE IV.

SECTION 2. To foster and develop interest in and appreciation for the ideals of self-government.

SECTION 3. To encourage and persuade all citizens to register and vote to support the policies and candidates of the Republican Party.

SECTION 4. To gather and disseminate accurate information concerning proposed measures and candidates.

SECTION 5. To select, endorse, and to support members of this organization and other outstanding Republicans for public office at both the primary and general elections.

SECTION 6. To conceive, develop, and support measures for the improvement of government, and to promote public forums to serve in the publics interest.


The jurisdiction of the [ Porterville Area Republican Assembly ], shall be the [ First and Fifth Supervisorial District in Tulare County ], as now established or hereby created.


SECTION 1. The classification of memberships in this organization shall be regular members and honorary members.

SECTION 2. Members of this organization shall be those American citizens of good moral character who are registered with the Republican Party and have paid the appropriate unit dues.

SECTION 3. Honorary members shall be those registered Republicans who, by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors of this assembly, are elected to honorary membership in this organization.

SECTION 4. All records of this organization shall be kept by the appropriate officers of this assembly.

SECTION 5. Any member may be suspended or expelled from membership by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Board of Directors, provided that such member shall receive thirty (30) days notice of such contemplated action and shall be entitled to be heard before action is taken. The action of the Board may be appealed to the general membership.

SECTION 6. PARA's Board of Directors shall be the membership committee.

SECTION 7. PARA's Board of Directors shall meet quarterly to review and vet new members, members in good standing, membership dues, suspensions and or expulsions. Automatic expulsions shall include individuals who are current members of any secret society or secret agency. The secretary shall notify {written / e-mail} any member regarding the BOD's decision.

SECTION 8. The new members name shall be announced at the next regular meeting and recorded into the minutes of that meeting.

If membership dues remain unpaid for a period of sixty (60) days after written notice by the Secretary of such delinquency and of intention to declare such a forfeiture of membership, if same be not paid, such membership shall ipso facto terminate, and such member shall cease to be in good standing until he / she may be reinstated by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 1. Inalienable Rights : We believe that man's "rights" flow from the Creator and the rights of Life, liberty, and justice cannot be legitimately granted or rescinded by men.

SECTION 2. Judeo-Christian Foundation : We believe in the guiding force of moral law as expressed by the Judeo-Christian ethic and contained in the Holy Scriptures of these historic Faiths.

SECTION 3. Self-Government : We believe that the only answer to the current moral decline that our nation now faces is a return to the beliefs and standards of morality which our founding fathers placed into the Constitution. We believe with the framers of that document when President Adams stated, " This Constitution will not work except with a religious people." We understand that the concept of self-government begins with governing one's self first, then the family, community, state, and nation.

SECTION 4. Decentralized Government : We believe in the power of the individual over the power of the state. We believe that only small government truly serves the needs of the people.

SECTION 5. Sanctity of Life : We believe that the preborn child is a human being deserving the full protection of the law.

SECTION 6. Pro-Family : We believe that the traditional American family, defined as any person related by blood, marriage of a man and a woman and / or adoption, is the cornerstone of our American society, and the government is duty bound to protect the integrity of the family unit through legislation and taxation policies.

SECTION 7. Choice in Education : We believe in the rights of parents to a quality education for their children. We support parental choice to create competition among the schools. We must insure that no school or teachers union can compromise the education of our children or advance a particular political agenda at the expense of our future generation's educations.

SECTION 8. Free Enterprise : We believe in the free enterprise system as the best hope for men and women to fulfill their economic hopes and dreams. We know that the free market is the most efficient and the least costly system to deliver the highest quality of goods and services at the lowest price to the consumer. We will support only those who support the free enterprise system through legislation to reduce or eliminate intrusive government intervention in the marketplace.

SECTION 9. Reducing Taxes and IRS Abuse : We believe that the federal tax system is abusive to the American people while discouraging investment and growth. We believe in growth-oriented tax policies which would gradually eliminate punitive income taxes and move our system in the direction of "Use Taxes" and "Sales Taxes" only.

SECTION 10. National Defense : We believe in a strong and consistent national defense. We believe in victory over, and not accommodating with, tyranny in any form or philosophy.

SECTION 11. The Right to Bear Arms : We believe in the unqualified right of our citizens to keep and bear arms without the intrusive hand of government.

SECTION 12. Victim's Rights : We believe in the concept of the victim's rights over the rights of any criminal. We support a system of restitution as a deterrent to crime and recidivism.

SECTION 13. Term Limitation : We believe that public service is a privilege. We support term limits for public officials, not as an ideal but as a necessity to dissuade career politicians. It is the people who should rule, not an elite with little accountability.

SECTION 14. National Sovereignty : We believe in an America first program in which Government's first concern is the welfare and protection of the American people. We do not believe in trade protectionism but support political leaders who will adopt policies that create fair and competitive trade.

SECTION 15. Individual Freedoms : We believe that governments, bureaucracies, administrations, trusts, foundations, businesses or private enterprises should not use it's technology to track, monitor and or to use such devices in any shape, form, frequency, or embedded applications to prohibit the activities of individuals.


SECTION 1. The Board of Directors of this Assembly shall be composed of the officers and such other directors as herein described, elected by the Assembly as its annual election meeting. The Immediate Past President of this Assembly shall be an ex-officio member of the Board with the rights of voting.

SECTION 2. The officers of this Assembly shall consist of a President, [__] Vice President(s), [ 1 ] Secretary(s), a Treasurer and [__] Director-at-Large. These officers shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Assembly in the month of [ Nov ]. The officers elected at the organization meeting shall serve [ 2 years ] until [ 2014 ].

SECTION 3. The Board of Directors and each of the Officers shall have the powers and duties usually attached to said offices and shall, in addition have the powers and duties assigned to them by these By-laws and by this Assembly.

(a) President. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Assembly, and to call such meetings as are herein provided to be called by him. He shall see that the By-laws and such other rules and regulations are diligently enforced, and he shall see supervise generally the affairs of the Assembly, and at the annual election meeting, shall make a general report of its business during the previous year. He shall perform all duties as usually pertain to the office of President.

(b) Vice President(s). It shall be the duty of the Vice President(s) to assist the President as pertains to such Vice President(s) duties, e.g., program, membership, etc. The ranking Vice President shall accede to the Presidency when that office is vacated by resignation, expulsion, or death. He shall perform all duties of the Presidency in the absence of the President.

(c) Secretary(s). The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Assembly meetings and Board of Directors' meetings. The Secretary(s) shall keep a record of all members' names and addresses and perform all such activities as the President may require. The Secretary(s) shall cause a copy of these By-laws and all such minutes of previous meetings to be available at every Assembly meeting. It shall be the duty of the Secretary(s) to do all the correspondence requested by the President and fulfill the obligations pertaining to the records of the CRA.

(d) Treasure. The Treasure shall receive, collect, and deposit all monies received by the Assembly. He shall keep the usual book of accounts and such records and books as directed by the Board of Directors. He shall report on income, disbursements, and liabilities. He shall originate all disbursements on orders of the Board of Directors. All drafts are to be signed by the Treasurer and the President or Secretary, or two of the three. He shall be bonded at the expense of the Assembly if requested by the Board of Directors.

(e) Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have the power to solicit and receive contributions from members or the general public for the purpose of the Assembly and the activities of it's sponsors, but shall not solicit funds for the State or County Central Committees, or for use by the Republican Party, without first securing consent of the appropriate party officials in the manner provided by the Elections Code of California.

(f) The Board of Directors shall cause the Treasurer to remit promptly to the Secretary of the CRA all dues or assessments payable to the CRA in the amounts and at the time such payments may be due.

(g) The Board of Directors shall be vested with the power and the duty of transacting all business of the Assembly. Is shall be responsible for carrying out the objectives and purposes of the Assembly and shall make such rules and regulations as shall be deemed advisable provided only that such rules and regulations are not in conflict with these by-laws.
SECTION 4. No Officer of the Assembly shall hold any partisan, remunerative, elective public office, provided that this shall not prohibit serving on any public commission or board for which no regular salary is received, no other office or position of authority within the Republican Party. Should any officer of the Assembly, during his term of office, become a candidate for election to any partisan, remunerative, elective public office, which shall be defined as the filing of necessary papers with the proper authority, or authorities, then his term of office as an officer of the Assembly shall automatically terminate.

SECTION 5. Any Officer may be removed by a three-fourths (¾) vote of the Assembly at a regular monthly meeting where a quorum is present, but only after thirty (30) days written notice to all members specifying that such removal will be voted upon and the reason thereof.

SECTION 6. Vacancies, however created, shall be filled by an election to be held at the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors following the creation of such vacancies. Whenever a vacancy shall occur in any of the elective offices of this Assembly, the duties pertaining to the officer becoming vacant shall be performed by the next succeeding officer until such vacancy shall be filled by an election called by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 7. Delegates to attend the Conventions of the CRA and to represent this organization shall be elected by the membership, under the provisions of the CRA By-laws.


SECTION 1. The President shall have full power to appoint subject to the ratification of the Board of Directors. All members of the committees shall hold the office at the pleasure of the President, and shall in no event, be deemed to continue in appointments beyond the time of the annual election, unless re-appointed. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

SECTION 2. The Standing Committees of the Assembly shall be established by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3. Nominating Committees. Not less than thirty (30) days and not more than [ 60 ] days before the annual election meeting of the Assembly, the President of the Assembly shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, a nominating committee consisting of five (5) members in good standing which shall include at least one past officer. When fully selected, the nominating shall immediately organize and schedule at least two meetings which shall be held prior to the annual election meeting. The dates of said meetings of the nominating committee shall be publicized, and every member of the Assembly shall have recommendations ad suggestions concerning candidates for the officers of the Assembly. At the annual meeting of the Assembly, the nominating committee shall report it's nomination of officers and directors for the ensuing year. Nominations may be made from the floor at the Assembly meeting at which the election of such officers and directors takes place.


SECTION 1. Board of Directors' Meeting. The Board of Directors shall meet once a quarter and may meet once a month, at a time and place to be designated by the President. All members of the Assembly shall be entitled to attend such meetings and to be heard, but shall not have the right to vote. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the full Board of Directors. A board meeting may be called at any time by the President or by request of one-third (1/3) of the full Board of Directors.

SECTION 2. Assembly Meetings. Meetings of all the members of the Assembly shall be held annual in [ NOVEMBER ] (month) of each year as an election meeting, and monthly at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or the majority of the full Board of Directors. A quorum shall consist of 5 or 10% whichever is greater. Notice of each general meeting of the Assembly shall be given by the Secretary to each member in good standing prior to such meeting stating the time and place.


SECTION 1. Sources. The revenue of this Assembly shall be derived from dues and contributions.

SECTION 2. Dues. The dues shall be as follows : Annual membership dues of individual members of the Assembly shall be [ $25.00 ] per year [ $15.00 ] (for each additional person of the same household), or such other amount as may be fixed by the Board of Directors, upon sixty (60) days notice, or by the Assembly at it's annual meeting.

SECTION 3. Contributions. Funds may be contributed or pledged by any interested member or honorary member or other donor to the general funds. No such contribution shall exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) per year from any one contributor, unless approved by the Board of Directors of the Assembly.


Only those members who have been members in good standing for more than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting held in [ PORTERVILLE ] for election of officers and directors, shall be eligible to vote for such officers and directors.


Endorsements shall be made in accordance with the CRA By-laws.


SECTION 1. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.

SECTION 2. These By-laws shall be subject to the provisions of the articles and By-laws s adopted and amended from time to time by the California Republican Assembly, which provisions are incorporated herein and made a part thereof, wherever appropriate. A copy of these By-laws, as amended from time to time, shall be filed with and subject to approval of the CRA Charter Review Committee.


These By-laws may be amended at any meeting of the Assembly by a favorable vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present (if a quorum), provided such amendment by proposed in writing and filed with the Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to such meeting. Any amendment becomes effective immediately, unless subsequently found to be in conflict with the CRA By-laws. The By-laws as amended must be submitted to the CRA Charter Review Committee.


The following is a suggested model for the order of business at meetings :

1. Invocations 7. Old Business
2. Pledge of Allegiance 8. New Business
3. Reading of the Minutes 9. Suggestions for Improvement
4. Communications 10. Appointments
5. Officers Reports 11. Adjournment
6. Committee Reports

I hereby certify that the foregoing By-laws of PARA the [ Porterville Area Republican Assembly ], as amended to date, were duly reviewed and adopted by the full Board of Directors, and by the attending general membership on [ Feb. 21st 2013 ]. Final review and approval by PARA's BOD's on [ March 27th 2013 ]

In the County of : [ Tulare County ] Senate District [ 14th ]

[Signed] ...
PARA President : [ A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta ]
PARA Secretary : [ Daniel Riles ]

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