OCTOBER 3, 2000 7:00 P.M.
Pledge of Allegiance Led by Mayor Pro Tem Woods
Invocation by Pastor John Eby, First Baptist Church

Roll Call: City Council

PROCLAMATION - “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Oct. 2000


ORAL COMMUNICATIONS This is the opportunity to address the Council on any matter of concern, including all items not scheduled for public hearing.


All Consent Calendar Items are considered routine and will be enacted in one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these matters unless a request is made, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Calendar.

1. Approval of City Council Minutes of August 8 and September 22, 2000

2. Claim - Maximino D. Tapia & Ismar Gonzalez
Re: Claim for personal injury resulting from detainment by the Police due to an incorrect identification on April 28, 2000.
Recommend: Reject Claim in the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court.

3. Approval of Purchases
Re: Purchase of various Items (list on file in the City Clerk’s Office) in the amount of $21,875.32. Recommend: Authorize Purchases.

4. Award Contract - Review of Downtown Parking
Re: Authorize staff to negotiate a contract with Omni-Means Ltd., Visalia to address the utilization of existing parking facilities, identify current & long term parking needs, and prepare a parking strategy that updates the existing Strategic and Action Plans.

5. Award Contract - City Hall Roofing System
Re: Award contract to Central Coating Co. of Madera, CA in the amount of $30,066, and authorize payment upon satisfactory completion.

6. Award Contract - Trailer Mounted Brush Chipper
Re: Award contract to Garvey Equipment of Rosemead CA in the amount of $18,026.03, and authorize payment upon satisfactory delivery.

7. Asphalt Rejuvenation (Reclamite) Program
Re: Authorize staff to negotiate a contract with Golden Bear Oil Co. for Reclamite Contract, renewal annually, and authorize payment upon satisfactory delivery.

8. Acceptance of the Porterville Air Attack Base Sewer and Water Extensions
Recommend: Accept the project, authorize filing the notice of completion, and releasing the 10% retention 35 days after recordation provided no stop notices have been filed.

9. Acceptance of Appraised Value of Right of Way for Property Located at APN 259-270-001 - Drainage Reservoir #55 Project
Re: Authorize payment of $168,295 for 6.7318 acres of right of way to Viejo Robles Corporation and authorize signing and recording of all necessary documents.

10. Acceptance of 278 E. Vandalia Avenue Right of Way Dedication
Re: Accept offer of dedication from Maria P. Garcia and Olga Ortega and record the Deed with the County Recorder.

11. Acceptance of 1255 W. Tomah Avenue Right of Way Dedication
Re: Accept offer of dedication from Epigmenio and Elena Gutierrez and record the Deed with the County Recorder.

12. Acceptance of 1285 W. Tomah Avenue Right of Way Dedication
Re: Accept offer of dedication from Ignasio Torres Tapia and Olivia G. Tapia and record the Deed with the County Recorder.

13. Program Supplement to the Local Agency-State Master Agreement: Preliminary Engineering for Plano Street Bridge Widening Project
Re: Authorizing the Mayor to execute the Program Supplement for the preliminary design of the Plano Street Bridge Widening Project.

14. Cooperative Agreement with Caltrans for a Traffic Signal at Highway 65 and Scranton Avenue
Re: Approval of a Cooperative Agreement for the construction and operation of the signal.

15. Authorization for Mayor to Sign Documents for Federal Transportation Funding Programs
Re: Adoption of a resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign Program Supplement Agreements for all projects.

16. Set Public Hearing for the Revised Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program
Re: Setting November 21, 2000 for a public hearing to adopt a revised DBE Program by 01/01/01.

17. Main Street Porterville, Inc. - Observation of Cancer Awareness Week
Re: Authorization for Main Street Inc. to affix pink ribbons to street light posts the week of 10/02/00.

18. Approval for Community Civic Event - Main Street Porterville, Inc. Sidewalk Sales - October 28, 2000
Re: Approval of this annual event subject to the application restrictions.

19. Request for Temporary Use of Lot at the Municipal Airport - U.S. Forest Service
Re: Approve use of lot for temporary retardant mix plant, along with the use of adjacent fire hydrant.

20. Request Approval of Land Lease at Porterville Municipal Airport - Barbara Dillard
Re: Approving the renewal of the lease for Lot 38 for ten years at $0.2088 per s.f. per year.

21. Porterville Municipal Airport Rental - Atmospherics, Inc.
Re: Approving a land lease for 12/01/00 through 04/30/01 for Lot 7 at a rental of $100, aircraft tie down fees of $25 per month, and reimbursement to the City for electricity use

22. Request for Street Closure - Myer’s Sixth Annual Christmas Tree Memorial Service
Re: Closing “E” St. from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on December 7, 2000.

23. Agreement for Administrative Processing Parking Citations
Re: Approval to update the current agreement with Judicial Data Systems Corp. of Costa Mesa for processing all citations issued by the City.

24. Revisions to Business and Professions Code Section 23800 and 23805 Regarding the Local Governing Body’s Ability to Place Conditions Upon the Transfer of a Liquor License
Re: Authorization for the Chief of Police to submit conditions to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on the transfer of liquor licenses.

25. Request for All American Memorial
Re: A request from Susan Bring for a memorial at Veteran’s Park, with a recommendation that it be referred to the Parks and Leisure Services Commission for recommendation.

26. C.O.L.T. Fixed Route Bus System/Veteran’s Day Parade
Re: Approving a temporary one day suspension of the Bus System on November 11, 2000.

27. Establishment of the Position of Adult Literacy Program Coordinator
Re: Creating a classification and range for a limited term person responsible for the administration and operation of the Literacy Program at the Porterville Public Library.

28. Tulare County Economic Development Corporation (TCEDC) Porterville Membership Assessment for FY 10/01/00 - 09/30/01
Re: Authorization to pay $38,500 for the City’s membership.

28a. Executive Session per Government Code 54956.8 - Conference with Real Property Negotiator-
Property No. 1: APN 254-050-017, APN 254-050-042 & APN 254-060-011

Negotiating Parties: City of Porterville and Stephen H. Huth.
Property No. 2: 1056 S. Jaye Street

Negotiating Parties: City of Porterville and Warren D. Bienfang and Hazel Bienfang
Under Negotiation: Terms, Price and Conditions.

Executive Session per Government Code 54956.9 - Conference with Legal Counsel-Potential Litigation: One Case.


29. Zone Change 2-2000 (Filippi)
Re: A change of zone from PO(D) (Professional Office - Design Review Overlay) to C-3 (Heavy Commercial) for a 30,500± s.f. parcel located on the east side of North Main Street, 420± ft. north of Henderson Avenue

30. Conditional Use Permit 2-00 -Proposed Sale of Alcoholic Beverages under an Off-Sale License within 600 Feet of a Park at 96 West Henderson Avenue (Juan Menchaca - La Nueva Fonda Mexican Foods)
Re: Request to allow the sale of beer and wine in conjunction with an existing market.

31. Conditional Use Permit 9-88 (Modification No. 1) / Amendment to an Approved Conditional Use Permit Allowing an On-Sale Alcohol License to Allow the Installation of Two (2) Pool Tables and the Transfer of Three (3) Card (Gaming) Tables (Lannie Lemons - The Palace)
Re: Putting in two pool tables, and three card tables transferred from the Hofbrau House, into the Palace Hotel Dining Room.

32. Zone Variance 1-2000 (Saint Anne’s Parochial School)
Re: Allowing a classroom to be built at the northeast corner of North “G” and Harrison which would be 5.35 feet north the property line fronting Harrison, and 13.50 feet east of the property line fronting North “G”, instead of the minimum of 15 feet.

33. Consummation - Annexation No. 443 - Modification No. 1 (City Initiated)
Re: Annexing 35.30± acres located on the west side of South Jaye St. approximately 1660 feet north of Gibbons Avenue and on the east side of South Jaye Street on the north side of Poplar Ditch.

34. Improvements and the Formation of Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District #13
Re: Upon a favorable vote from the property owners, approving the resolution ordering the improvements and the formation of Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District No. 13 for River Ranch 3 at Lloyd Street and Newcomb Avenue.


35. Request to Allow Re-submittal of Application for Conditional Use Permit for Off-Sale Beer and Wine License - Frank’s Stop and Go on Olive Avenue
Re: Determination whether there is material evidence of a substantial change in circumstances to authorize re-application for Conditional Use Permit 4-99.

Adjourn to a Meeting of the Porterville Redevelopment Agency.


Roll Call: Redevelopment Agency




PRA-1. Amendment to Chamber of Commerce Relocation Assistance Agreement - Amendment No. 1
Re: Amending Agreement to include $10,954.68 for the payment of Transportation Impact Fees.


Adjourn to a Meeting of the Porterville Public Improvement Corporation.


Roll Call: Porterville Public Improvement Corporation Members




PIC-1. Annual Meeting of the Porterville Public Improvement Corporation
Re: The election of officers and the 2000 Status Report for Certificates of Participation Projects.


Adjourn to City Council Meeting



ADJOURNMENT to October 17, 2000

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Porterville Deputy City Clerk, (559) 782-7442. Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting. [28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title II]

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