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PARA meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. In the year 2007, we will be meeting at El Nuevo Mexicali II @ 640 North Prospect in Porterville.
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On September 11th 2007 PARA met at El Nuevo Mexicali II and our guest speaker for this month was :
Kent Duysen and Kelly West
Mr. Kent Duysen of Sierra Forest Products. Mr. Duysen - opened up by telling us about the 40 year history of Sierra Forest Products. Coming to our organization to speak was planned by PARA President Mr. West, basically because of the possibility of the mill shutting down by next summer. At one time SFP had 4 mills working full-bore, Mr. Duysen shared. However, another endangered animal “pacific fisher” was on the liberals list, and that was good enough for them to start the process of dening access to those forested areas. Even though SFP contacted Congressman Devin Nunes and Senator Feinstein, nothing could be said or done. It would seem that the criters have better connections than citizens.

See you guys next month. President Kelly West

Kelly West and John Longley
On August 14th 2007 PARA met at El Nuevo Mexicali II and our guest speaker for this month was Porterville City Manager : John Longley. Mr. Longley - in the begining - handed out an out-line for the cities projects and highlighted a few at the meeting. First he told us about the water and sewer lines going out to the airport; what the city is proposing for the industrial building area at the airport; what they're going to do with Porteville's old Main Street Hotel and the final hearings - in Sacramento - regarding Porterville's New Court House ... pending the state budget. Mr. Longley addresed the Lake Succes Dam project; and how long it's going to be empty {indefinate now} and how much it's going to cost somewhere around {$300-450 Million} to fix it - WOW !

At the end, Mr. Longley fielded several questions and statements from the members regarding highway's 65 and 190. He answered questions regarding the building of two bridges, one on Newcomb and the other on Indiana - crossing over the river and connecting to 190. And not to be forgotten, Secretary Lucketta mentioned Measure "H" and what those Measure "H" funds were suppose to support. Mr. Longley's answer was really something. You should have been there to hear what he really said, as oppose to what's not being said.

See you guys next month. President Kelly West

On July 10th 2007 PARA met at El Nuevo Mexicali II and our guest speaker was the Chairman of the Tulare County Board of Supervisor : Allen Ishida. Supervisor Ishida spoke briefly about water and a new water commission he and the BOS were working on. Allen gave us an up-date on the New Federal Court House {Another PARA Project} - that's still on schedule to be built here in Porterville, saying " ... it's going to cost around 250 - 300 million to build and may not get built until 2012 or as late as 2015". Supervisor continued by saying, "the new court house will be built on Porterville's Old Fair Grounds and the Fair Grounds will then be moved over to airport."

Supervisor Ishida speaking
Allen Ishida & Kelly West
"New" PARA Members

As well, Supervisor Ishida talked about the projected population growth for Tulare County - around one million by 2050 and what that will mean for the construction of homes and businesses. He talked about new impact fees because of this growth. Chairman Ishida also talked about the fire departments converting back from CDF to TC Fire Department(s). He also up-dated PARA on the County purchasing the remainder of properties and obtained the right-a-ways to widen Highway 65. At the end of Ishida's speech, he answered questions ranging from local unlicensed venders, securing our nations borders and local gangs.

Some final questions were asked about bringing in more jobs, helping to bring in a prison medical facility or another CDCR prison. One of our local Pastors had a question about education and why it's ok to talk about Islam and Mohammed as history but not Christianity. And not to be left out, former PARA President David Prado injected - "All of America's problems started when we {government} took prayer out of schools." Supervisor Ishida agreed and ended by saying that the Churches need to be more vocal.

Last but not least, those members who were in attendance took our first Presidential Straw Poll and we will reveal the results at our next meeting in August. See you next month : President Kelly West.

On May 8th 2007 PARA met {pic} at El Nuevo Mexicali II and our guest speaker was Tulare County Sheriff Captain Dahl A. Cleek. Captain Cleek shared with our members his knowledge about gangs in Tulare County and in the Porterville area.

Before the meeting started Captain Cleek and Mr. Lucketta met and discussed what Gang Watchers had been doing in the area and how effective their Minsitry was. Captain Cleek explained to the group basically what his department does - which is suppression and incarceration. He also explained that the other two parts of this equation is intervention {what schools and churches do} and prevention {what parents and neighbors do}. All in all, Captain Cleek was well received and because of his presentation and PARA's committment to this issue, PARA's membership increased ... again. See you next month : President Kelly West.

On April 20-22 2007 PARA delegates - President Kelly West and Secretary Lucketta traveled down to Ontario for CRA's April 2007 Convention {pics}. At conventions, members and delegates meet to charter new chapters, craft resolutions, and vote for new CRA Officers and District Directors.

One the way down we knew we had to campaign around Bakersfield CRA Member - Chad Vegas - for one of CRA's 10 V.P. positions. Well it all went well, Mr. Vegas is now a new CRA Vice President. In addition, the combined delegates from the 18th Senatorial District put Mr. Lucketta over the top and he is now the new Senate District Director for the 18th District.

But the PARA member that everyone really wanted to talk with ... was our very own Kelly West. It appeared that his reputation as a solid conservative and Christian preceeded him ... making PARA well known and well liked.

At this convention, the main speaking topic(s) revolved around more and more of our GOD given rights being stripped from us and given to illegals.

Pulling at all of our hearts was Mr. Joe Loya, the father-in-law to Ignacio 'Nacho' Ramos ... the border patrol agent that was recently locked up for doing his job as a border patrol agent. Mr. Loya cried as he told the story and at the end of the convention, all of us in attendance prayed for him and his family.

You really should have been there ! For more on who said what and the results CRA Presidential straw poll ... you'll have to show yp at our next meeting. BTW - It wasn't Rudy the RINO ;)

On April 10th. 2007 PARA met again at El Nuevo Mexicali II and our guest speaker was Ms Connie Conway, Supervisor for the 2nd District. With several guests in the audiance Supervisor Conway up-dated PARA with the areas "Clinical Concerns".

Where to go and how much to pay has always been a concern for many, not just in Tulare County, but the state as well. Supervisor Conway, with her special insights, let us in on what's really happening with our clinics and hospitals. You really needed to be there to here it for yourself. 5th District Supervisor Mike Ennis was.

Once finished she fielded questions from the members and guests and one important question came from Mr. Ed Vartanian, CAPT Chapter President, regarding Porterville Developmental Center and their clinical issues, employee injuries, and vacancies.

Another question came from Ms Semple, continuing her quest to get politicians to widen highway 65. And in hand Ms Semple had an original document that she presented to many PARA members and Supervisors Mike Ennis and Connie Conway. You really needed to be there.

On April 3rd. 2007. On this date PARA was back on-line and uploading info onto the web site. The reason for this down time was our ISP wanted to secure a better server and we were one of the last web sites that was finally transfered over. PARA wants to thank all those who worked behind the scenes and backing up all of our info even better than it was before.

On February 6th. 2007. PARA met at the Pizza Factory and our guest speaker, was 5th District Supervisor and PARA Member Mr. Mike Ennis. Speaking to a packed room, Mr. Ennis told us about his first month in office. Knowing that one of our goals for 2007 was expanding Hwy 65, Mr. Ennis entertained many questions from the members. Initial misinformation that Mr. Ennis received about from Tulare County Board of Supervisors regarding Hwy 65 and Measure “R” was cleared up at this meeting and our members were satisfied with the supervisors up-dates. He added that, "Measure R" will have an "Oversight committee" where there'll be an individual from every community on this committee and they'll have a say on this money.

More Meeting Pics [Members | Members | Members | Members]

Additional areas Mr. Ennis touched on included the local freeze and how that affected the workers and economy. As well, He highlighted our continued need to stay on top of the water issues in the valley - because of agriculture and population growth. And he made sure that we were aware that the Governor was just as concerned saying, " ... the Governor will be moving forward with a new bond regarding California's water problems."

Finishing up - Mr. Ennis also commented on the possibility of bring in a New Court House to the area and a new Fire House in Tulare County coming on line real soon. All-in-all, the meeting was well received and PARA informed Mr. Ennis that He'd continue to receive our support ... "to widen Hwy 65" ASAP!

Chairman of the Board
President : Mr. Kelly West
PARA President Kelly West - before Mr. Ennis spoke - finished making his appointments to additional committees and the final vote for PARA's 4 Goals for 2007 was taken and adopted by the members at this meeting. Only one of our goals (2) was slightly contested from a small group of PARA women who were also members of SETCO. PARA was not surprised at this resistance and moved forward with the goal. NOTE : Historically speaking, PARA has always been a Pro-Growth organization and our past connections to PABA - the Porterville Area Business Association - bears this out, especially during those early survey years in Porterville ... where there was a 75% public support for a prison to be built in the Porterville area. As well, Porterville's own Chamber of Commerce and Recorder reflected the same results with their own polls.


(1) Widening Hwy 65
(2) Bringing a Prison to Tulare County
(3) Building an Indoor Mall Porterville area
(4) Working with Gang Watchers

On January 2rd. 2007. PARA met at the Pizza Factory and our guest speaker, was PARA Vice President Mr. John Keyes. Speaking on Highway 65 and the importance of having this road widened drew additional commets from a guest who fine-tuned Mr. Keyes message with many "who dune it" and "who stopped it". All we can say is ... you should have been there.

PARA President Kelly West, asked PARA Secretay Mr. Lucketta, to talk a little about our working agenda for 2007. Besides HIGHWAY 65, Mr. Lucketta said, "PARA will also engage our community with these additonal social and economic issues." Number (2) Having one of California's needed PRISON's built somewhere in Tulare County - {in the 5th Dist}. Number (3) Finding a developer who will build an INDOOR MALL in the Porterville area. And number (4), working with our local and state legislators regarding GANGS.

Yes ... that a lot on our agenda, but the people need these things and we cannot sit around anymore waiting for someone else to do our job.

Next month our newly elected 5th District Board of Supervisor, Mike Ennis, will be our speacial speaker. It should be a great meeting.

On October 14th 2006. PARA's Board of Directors met and went over the Candidates, Propositions and Initiatives on the November 2006 Ballot and are recommending that the Republican Voters in the 5th Supervisorial District consider these endorsements at the polls. Thanks ... President Kelly West.

On October 3rd. 2006. PARA met at the Pizza Factory and had as our guest speaker, Mr. John Corkins - who running for one of the seats for the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Corkins spoke for 20 minutes and took several questions from the members.

Much to everyone's suprize, Mr. Corkins expressed how glad he was to see PARA up and running and in 1982 he was a member of what was then called the Porterville Republican Assembly.

After Mr. Corkins spoke, PARA's executive committee agreed that PARA should get behind Mr. Corkins and support his candidacy for office. Kelly West - PARA President.

On Sept 5th. 2006. On this date, PARA was re-chartered by the California Republican Assembly to perform the duties of a local republican organization, to represent the citizens within the Porterville Area of the 5th. supervisorial district.

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NEWLY ELECTED OFFICERS : Kelly West - President, John Keyes - 1st Vice President, Connie Lopez - 2nd Vice President, David Prado - 3rd Vice President, A.L.Lucketta - Secretary and Delores Davis - Treasurer.

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