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Monday, Apr 18, 2014
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Boudreaux, Mendoza and Shelton get GOP Endorsement
On April 17th - Thusday night - the Porterville Area Republican Assembly hosted a "Republican Round-Up" of candidates who are running for the 26th Assembly, the 5th district board of supervisors and Tulare County Sheriff. Those who came, included, Mike Boureaux and Dave Whaley for Sheriff, Teresita Andreas, Esther Barajas, Devon Mathis and Rudy Mendoza for the 26th Assembly, and of course City Councilman Greg Shelton, running for the Board of Supervisors in the 5th District. Supervisor Ennis chose another event to attend.

At about 6:15 the meeting commenced with the proper protocols, and paperwork, as local officials and candidates were acknowledged. Present, to oversee and count the ballots was California Republican Assembly Senate District Director Marty Ferguson, assisted by PARA's Sgt of Arms and Membership Secretary Larry Fox.

Going first - after the toss of a "1922 Silver Dollar" coin - was acting Sheriff, Mike Boudreaux, followed by Dave Whaley. Next were the women vying for the 26th Assembly, followed by the men. Waiting last in line was Councilman Greg Shelton, and as usual, Mr. Shelton pulled no punches in his alloted 5 minutes from the podium.

There was a few question and answer moments for all the candidates after their initial presentation(s) and a moment of truth when they were asked to "Pick a Number" which cosponsored with a designated list of questions to consider. If they thought they had an answer after they drew a number, they attempted it. However ... there were a few occasions where the candidates were in the dark and the audience needed to answer that question, as the chairman allowed.

Once the candidates were finished, the chairman called PARA's members forward to place their ballots into the ballot box, as the crowd and candidates waited for the results ... which took less than 10 minutes. Once counted, the tally was then written on a large white board for all to see.

It was then clear, that Mike Boudreaux, Rudy Mendoza and Greg Shelton came out as the largest vote getters, earning them the endorsement of the Porterville Area Republican Assembly.

As a final note, thanks goes to all in attendance who came to this assembly and especially to the candidates who participated. Your efforts, for sure, were also counted.

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