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Monday, May 16, 2014
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PARA Votes at "Final Forum" for Candidates
On Thursday May 15th PARA held their "Final Forum" for these Candidates - Shawn Cable, John Duran, Russell Fletcher, Matthew Green, Larry Harper, Pete McCracken, Shawn Schwartzenberger and Milt Stowe - who are running for Porterville City Council.

Not long after their initial presentations and questions from those in attendance, PARA's members were called by President Lucketta to vote - for no more than two candidates - in whom they will vote for on June 3rd.

PARA Members understood that this "Final Forum" was a non-partisan race as they were allowed to vote on whom they believed would effectively represent the City Council. They also, as did the candidates, knew that this vote was is no way an official endorsement of their candidacy.

The results, after two officials counts were conducted, were as follows ...
11Milt Stowe
6Matthew Green
4John Duran
3Russell Fletcher
2Larry Harper
1Shawn Cabel
1Pete McCracken
1Shawn Schwartzenberger

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Our meeting for June 19th. will be a "Political Pot-Luck" meeting and "open" to the public.

PARA President Mr. A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
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