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Tuesday, July 10, 2001
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Young Politicians of America Award ! On Saturday, July 7th. 2001, PARA, received another coveted award. This time from {Young Politicians of America}.

Wesley Spowhn, Vice-President of the YPA, sent an e-mail to PARA on July 7th. 2001, which stated, I would like to congratulate (PARA) Porterville Area Republican Assembly on winning one of the net's most exclusive awards for web excellence and content.

"We are particularly proud of this award, states A.L.Lucketta, because of the group it comes from. YPA is a non-profit group which really started on the internet and has now grown to satalite groups that meet on a regular basis. YPA does not promote a Democrat or Republican agenda but does allow you, as an individual or group, to influence others at their web site. So in the future . . . this is what PARA intends to do."

On Sunday, July 8th. 2001, PARA, decided to go with a new e-mail server to assist them with all of the demands it plans to encounter during the next round of elections. A local enterprising young man by the name of Daniel Sanchez, from PortervilleMail.Com has taken on this new challenge for PARA. "In one year, says Mr. Sanchez, has received close to one thousand requests for new e-mail addresses". Now that's getting connected.

On Tuesday, July 17th. 2001, PARA, at our next meeting, we will be discussing the possibility for a new citizens initiative . . . that would require all representatives, prior to re-election, to take a polygraph test. That's right, a lie-detector-test ! Well, don't think it's time to make them tell the truth. Then come to our next meeting and help us start the process of getting this initiative on the ballot so we can get rid of these liers, first in Sacramento, and then in Washington.

For more info. about PARA, please contact Mr. A.L.Lucketta @ 781-2100 or send e-mail to the new e-mail address at,
or visit us on-line at ( ).

PARA meets on the 3rd. Tuesday of each month, at . . .
La Fuente Mexican Restaurant
29 North Main Street
At 6 PM, Call 781-2100
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Our meeting for July. 17th.
will be a general meeting,
open to the public.

PARA President Mr. A. L. Lucketta
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