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Tuesday, Sept 05, 2006
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PARA Elects New Officers and Charters New Chapter !
On September 5th. 2006, the Porterville Area Republican Assembly was re-charterd by the California Republican Assembly - one of California's oldest Republican organizations. Officiating this re-charted was past PARA President and past CRA State Vice President - A.L.Lucketta.

- President : Kelly West
- 1st VP : John Keyes
- 2nd VP : Connie Lopez
- 3rd VP : David Prado
- Sec : A.L.Lucketta
- Trea : Delores Davis
As in all beginnings, " .. an agenda is needed and will be followed ... to the 'T'," as Mr. Lucketta said to the new member's - and then the roll call was announced. 22 of PARA's 50 charter members {in good standing} were present and accounted for. Chapter by-laws say you only need 11 to attend, however - half made sure we had a quorum.

Once all was in place, and the agenda, minutes and by-laws were ammended and agreed to - PARA was duely formed. What followed was a brief history by Mr. Lucketta and a few more motions entertained by the chair.

"Since Mr. Lucketta knew how this chartering process took place, said President West, we needed his know-how and strong work ethic to help us ... get-ur-done."

Meeting on the first Tuesday of every month - for the remainder of the year - was voted on by the new members. Many felt the Pizza Factory would be a great starting place but knew bigger place would eventually be needed starting in 2007.

It was highlighted at this meeting, said Mr. West, that Senator Roy Ashburn not only knew we were going to re-charter but had great hopes for our future. Like-wise, continued West, Assemblyman Bill Maze was just as happy to hear the news.

Members at this meeting stressed the need increase work and business oportunities by reaching out to politicians and large scale businesses. "Porterville must be ready to grow faster than our unemployment lines, said David Prado. If we don't, the city will over-tax the already over-taxed small businesses in this area ... driving more businesses - like myself - out of Porterville or out of the state."

"PARA - Mr. West concluded - if push comes-to-shove will only campaign for those who campaign for us. Promises were made in the past and all we got - once they got into office - were excuses. And I - for one - have been there and have done that ... and as sure as I'm standing here today, I know it can get done. And make no mistake about it - PARA, with the Almighty's help - will do all that we can to help the people ... because we are 'for the people'. And that's what PARA means in Spanish ... 'For' the people."

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PARA meets on the 1st. Tuesday of each month, at . . .
The Pizza Factory
897 West Henderson Ave.
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Our meeting for Oct 3rd.
will be a general meeting,
"open" to the public.

PARA President Mr. Kelly West
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