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Sunday, September 15, 2001
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On Tuesday, September 18th. 2001, Porterville Area Republican Assembly,

Place this ribbon on your website to show your support ! This is a special meeting, states PARA President, A.L.Lucketta, and we need to come together at every level to defeat terrorism. Yes, we must continue to pray, wave the "STARS AND STRIPES" daily, give blood, and send donations to show our support. But is that enough for us on the west coast ? Is that enough for us in Porterville ?

President Bush is a Republican, an AMERICAN FIRST, but still a Republican. The main stream media, who continues to poll the American People about their feelings concerning this act of terrorism, are giving President Bush extremely high percentage points. No other President lately has had this kind of rating from the American People.
Many are joining the U.S. Military, companies are shutting down for the day, the CRP Convention was postponed, and many of the free nations of the world who have benefitted from America's "acts of kindness" have now opened their military bases to the U.S. as well.

PARA plans to show support for President Bush by opening up it's next meeting, (Sept. 18th.) to the public at large to discuss this "act of evil". In addition, PARA plans to send $10.00 dollars of every person who joins PARA to help re-elect George Bush in the year 2004.

September 11th. 2001 will always be an important day in the history of America.
Will September 18th. be a day when you decide to fight back ?

For more info. about PARA, please contact Mr. A.L.Lucketta @ 781-2100 or send e-mail to the new e-mail address at,
or visit us on-line at ( ).

PARA meets on the 3rd. Tuesday of each month, at . . .
La Fuente Mexican Restaurant
29 North Main Street
At 6 PM, Call 781-2100
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Our meeting for Oct. 16th.
will be a general meeting,
open to the public.

PARA President Mr. A. L. Lucketta
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