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Saturday, September 22, 2001
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On Tuesday, September 18th. 2001,
Porterville Area Republican Assembly,
elected a new President . . . Miss. Angela L. Polecat.

Back : A. L. Lucketta, Jack Null and Dr. Paul Israel
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Front : V.P. David Prado & President Angela Polecat
Miss Angela L. Polecat, who calls herself a Conservative Republican and a Believer in JESUS CHRIST, becomes PARA's first female to be elected as President.

"Following the foundations laid out by A.L.Lucketta, our Regional Vice President, says Polecat, will be easy. Following his example will not." Mr. Lucketta worked tirelessly for the California Republican Assembly, and was honored in 1999 as their Man of the Year. Then, in that same year, he charter not just PARA, but Greater Tulare Republican Assembly. "For two years, continues Polecat, he's led PARA but now, with the newly elected leaders, it's time for PARA to lead Porterville.

"While America supports the President for the possiblity of war, highlights Miss Polecat, Porterville should support his leadership by sending donations to the American Red Cross, giving blood, joining the service, and last but not least, become a member of PARA. I'd love to welcome you to our group."

Polecat, who will be finishing up with her Leadership Porterville classes in November, definately brings a new spirit to the group. She has a new vision for Porterville and she is ready to get to work.

Newly elected Chaplain for PARA Dr. Paul Israel said this of Polecat and his duties, "I'm in total support of Miss Polecat because she has put GOD first in her life. And as far as my obligations go, I will pray for each member daily. I will also pray for America as GOD Commands and I will pray for her enemies. This is in GOD's Word and this is what I'll do."

Other officers from the organization, who voted for Miss Polecat include PARA Vice President David Prado, and Treasurer Jack Null.

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PARA President Miss Angela Polecat
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