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Tuesday, October 9, 2001
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PARA's Special Speaker for October 16th.
On Tuesday, Oct. 16th. 2001, Bill Maze (R), Assembly Candidate will be Porterville Area Republican Assembly's guest speaker.

Miss Angela L. Polecat, PARA's newly elected President will introduce District 3 Supervisor, Bill Maze (R) as a candidate for the 34th. Assembly Dist. (see map)

Bill Maze, who recently talked with CRA Vice President A.L.Lucketta about the campaign stressed these items that needed attention: " local water rights, government take overs of various properties, and the state of our state."

John Keyes, who is running for the 5th. District Board of Supervisors, also encouraged the endorsement of Supervisor Maze at PARA's recent board meeting, as " one who will keep his word." "Maze, say Keyes, will be able to continue where our former Assemblyman, Roy Ashburn, left off and go even farther in bring jobs to this area and possibly, just possibly help us with widening highway 65."

Also at this special meeting President Polecat will take a few moments to share with those in attendance her vision for the Porterville area. At a recent PARA board meeting she emphasized, " It's time for America's Christians to start praying, helping those in need, planting good seeds and doing that which is right. Going to Church and living for GOD is great, so lets do it where we are told not to go. Lets do it where we are not wanted, lets do it to educate our neighbors, and lets do it at our local City Halls, at our Boards of Educations, at our Boards of Supervisors and of course lets do it in Sacramento."

This is an open meeting and the public is invited.

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