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Monday, OCT 16th, 2017
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X-Files to be opened at PARA Meeting

On Thursday Oct 26th the Porterville Area Republican Assembly (PARA) will be opening up their assembly and their podium to any X-File investigations, information and or researcher.

For decades thousands have witnessed unexplained and unusual phenomenon flying in our skies. Nations across the globe have received millions of reports from their own citizens, forcing some governments to issue data, but not the truth.

As well, multiple disclosure projects have approached our elected officials in Washington D.C. with questions, but to no avail. Some organizations that possess a few high ranking NASA, Military and AREA 51 personnel have also come forward to ask the same questions ... because of what they have seen and know.

PARA wants to know, will the public ever know ? Will the American government ever come forth with the truth ? Or, will the insiders of the NEW WORLD ORDER use these UFO activities and experiences as the final encounter in an evil "us against them" end-time scenario ?

PARA's "X-Files Meeting" will start at 6PM and will be held in the Fellowship Hall, next to the Porterville Freewill Baptist Church, located on 91 North Prospect Street, north of Olive Ave.

For more info please contact A.L. "LUCKY" Lucketta, PARA President at 784-PARA or send e-mail to

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For more information please call Mr. A.L.Lucketta @ (559) 784-7272
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PARA meets on the 4th. Thursday of each month, (Except November) at . . .
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PARA's next General Assembly will be on Nov 16th at 6PM.

PARA President Mr. A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
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